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A Simple Idea...
This all started in 2001 when a friend from Florida told
me about roof cleaning. I owned 6 rental homes with
older roofs that were algae stained. There were no
problems with the roofs they were just ugly. I assumed
like most people I would have to get new roofs to make
the houses look nice again. For what it was going to
cost to replace the roofs I thought cleaning was worth a
try. I was going to replace them anyway.
I bought every product I could find and tested them on
the houses I owned. After I cleaned my roofs a friend
asked me to clean his roof, then a family member and
then a neighbor.
In January 2004 I started Texas Roof Clean. Now here
in 201
5 we have cleaned over 3500 residential roofs as
well as Multifamily properties.
Maybe you have seen us before.
What's The Secret
It's not really a secret. If you are killing peoples plants
and damaging their property you don't stay in business
long. No one will insure you.
Texas Roof Cleaning is the only roof cleaning company
in the Houston area that offers a non-bleach roof
cleaning process for asphalt shingle roofs. Our process
is a low pressure wash with a biodegradable plant safe
product that contains no Chlorine. Our roof maintenance
product is also Chlorine free and contains no Sodium
Hydroxide. Applied every 36 months the roof will stay
clean with no washing.
But Why No Bleach
Customers Rule!
Soft washing means Bleach.
Soft washing solutions are made with 10%  to 12.5%
Chlorine. Your laundry bleach is only 8% chlorine. Just
like the sun, chlorine is an oxidizer. Strong solutions of
bleach (soft washing) actually accelerate the asphalt
drying out and cause the shingle to lose gravel sooner.
Not used properly soft washing can kill your landscaping
or change the color of your shingles. Of the 6 roofs I
tested products on, the roof I bleached is the only one I
have had to replace so far.
Experience is the greatest tool.
I have researched and tested many products in search
of a better way to clean a roof. The goal has always
been to have the longest lasting service with the least
amount of impact. I want roofs to last and look good the
whole time.
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